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sylabus Lyons Fall 301

sylabus Lyons Fall 301 - 1 MAE 301 Course Syllabus Fall...

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1 MAE 301 Course Syllabus Fall 2009 1.1. Instructor's name, office address, telephone number, e-mail address, regularly scheduled class meeting times. Sec: 002 Instructor: K. Lyons Location: HA107(as of 8/10) Office: BR 3180 Days: Tu/Th E-Mail Address: [email protected] Time: 11:45AM- 1:00PM Office Telephone: 919-515-5293 General information There will be 3 tests and a final exam. The final exam will be comprehensive. Please bring textbook to class, at least for the first half of the semester, to effectively learn how to use the property tables. Class notes: See the bottom of the page of the attached link for note sets (Chap 1 – Chap 8) that are provided with some versions of the CD: http://www.mae.ncsu.edu/courses/mae301/boles/index.html My lectures often parallel these notes; many students choose to print them and bring to class. Test format and requirements (open/closed book, formulae sheets) will be announced at the REVIEW SESSION for each test (this will generally be held at the lecture before the test). If tests are missed, they may be made up on a case-by-case basis provided you have a certifiable excuse . Oral make-up exams may be required. When tests are returned, class average will be reported to give an idea of your standing. Class attendance is encouraged, but not required. Roll will not be taken. The final grade will be arrived at using the following method: Three Tests 75 % Final Exam 25 % Extra credit assignments, take-homes quizzes and in-class assignments may be assigned, primarily as a learning aid and/or may be used as extra credit (per in-class announcements). Homework will be suggested that reinforces the class and reading material.
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2 The homework problems will relate to the lecture material and will be largely selected from the Text. I will discuss theory and problems that will allow you to do the homework – the examples in the text will also help. Solutions to tests and homework will not be provided. Enough attention is given to example problems in class that test problems and homework should be able to be tackled, at home, as practice. TA support will also be available for questions on the homework and quizzes (more on this later; TBD). Suggested Method to Approach MAE 301 Read the appropriate sections in the book, trying to get a good physical understanding of the processes. Also, this let's you become familiar with the definitions used in this course (and in many other future courses) What is enthalpy? What is the difference between an open system and a closed system? What is irreversibility? Go over example problems in text line by line. (Units!) To review for quizzes and final exam: Review definitions and Theory; Example problem; Class problems If one understands the example and class problems, and the physical processes, theory and definitions necessary to solve them, one should be ready for the test(s). 1.2. Course prerequisites or restrictive statements.
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sylabus Lyons Fall 301 - 1 MAE 301 Course Syllabus Fall...

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