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Unformatted text preview: MAE 355, Aerodynamics I Fall 2009 Homework Assignment 1 Handed out: 19 August 2009 Due: 26 August 2009 Use a word processor for all of the problems in this homework Problem 1 (20 points) Read sections 1.1–1.3 in the textbook. Answer the following: (a) What is the fundamental difference between the response of a solid and a fluid to an externally applied shear stress? (b) Explain briefly the difference between external aerodynamics and internal aerody- namics. Give an example of a flow in each category. Problem 2 (20 points) Look up a volume of Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft . Pick three aircraft of your choice: one that flies at a low subsonic speed (Mach number M approximately < 0.3), another that flies at a transonic speed (0.8 < M < 1.1), and a third that flies at a supersonic speed ( M > 1.2). Provide a brief write up in 1 paragraph (3–6 lines) on each of the aircraft — capabilities, mission, and features of the aircraft....
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