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1 Monitoring Cost/Benefit Analysis Tool Case Study I. Introduction The Monitoring Cost/Benefit Analysis Tool was developed to assess the costs and benefits associated with various approaches to monitoring emission units included in new or revised EPA air regulations. For example, these approaches may range from periodic visible emission inspections, continuous monitoring of the pressure drop on a baghouse, or continuous particulate matter (PM) emissions monitoring from a stack. Currently, monitoring costs for a rule are typically calculated together with reporting and recordkeeping costs. The toolwill be used to calculate monitoring costs and benefits separately from reporting and recordkeeping costs for a rule. It allows users to compare periodic, parametric, and continuous monitoring cost scenarios for selected pollutant and control strategy combinations. The tool can also calculate benefits due to reduced ill health effects, improved compliance rates, and improved information on the effectiveness of a rule. This case study provides a cost/benefit analysis of implementing continuous emissions monitoring as part of a proposed area source rule for cement kilns. For the purposes of this case study, we evaluated the costs and benefits (reduction in excess
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cost benefit - Monitoring Cost/Benefit Analysis Tool Case...

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