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BOOK R ~[ODERN ICE CREAlV[ PLANT ~[ANAGEMENT. A. tI. Bayer. Book Department, The Ice Cream Trade Journal, 660 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10021. 260 pp. Price, $7.95. (Add 50 cents for postage and handling.) 1963. A practical treatment of some of the pro- duction operations as observed, instituted, and practiced by the author over a period of forty years in the dairy business, the first four chap- ters cover the specifications for the production manager, operations coordinator, quality con- trol supervisor, plant superintendent, and engi- neer. Then follows the technique of opera- tional research in studying plant operations and in establishing quality control standards. The heart of the book treats the nmnufactur- ing operation from the cost standpoint; pro- duct.ion, losses, inventory control, ingredients, remlx, repairs, supplies, packaging, quality control, and plant sanitation. There is an excellent chapter with suggested forms on pro- duction planning. Production records as re-
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