Ch. 10 CONT - Ch 10 Notes cont'd Phenotype family t ree of...

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Ch. 10 Notes cont’d… Phenotype- family tree of genetics Pedigree- shows phenotype segregation in several generations of relatives Female: O Male: Square Carriers for a condition are half shaded (heterozygous). Fully shaded they have the condition. Offspring genetically defective recessive inheritance pattern rules: 1). neither parent will have the phenotype, but it shows up in the progeny (offspring). 2). Two alleles (Ss). 25% of offspring have a chance of having condition-showing phenotype, half will be carriers. Dominant inheritance pattern Ss or SS will show phenotype, every affected will have an affected parent. Around 50% of offspring show phenotype for the condition. Autosomal- show up on non-sex chromosomes, so it’s equally inherited. X linked condition-recessive. Female XX-if mutation in one X, the other will back it up. Male XY-Recessive inherited disorder- nothing to back it up, if X is mutated they will have the disorder. Sex-linked (X linked)- (circle with dot in the middle, will be a carrier).
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Phenotype on the X chromosome- the daughters can be carriers, the sons will get the condition, the phenotype occurs more in the males. A male with the mutation can pass the trait to his daughter so she would be a carrier. This phenotype will often skip generations. 50% meiosis cannot be carrier (he doesn’t have a backup). Ex). Colorblindness (mom’s fault), Hemophilia (X linked), Muscular Dystrophy. Allele a different form of genes (variations). Slight difference in DNA base sequences.
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Ch. 10 CONT - Ch 10 Notes cont'd Phenotype family t ree of...

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