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Problem 3-3 A rocket weighs 50,000 lb. and has a pitch mass moment of inertia of 10,000,000 lb-sec 2 -in at the instant shown. At an altitude of 1000 feet a jet vane malfunction causes a force F=20,000 lb. to be applied as shown. a) Find the vehicle load factors, n x and n z . sin30 10,000 0.20 50,000 50,000 o z F n = = = cos30 150,000 17,320 50,000 50,000 o x T D F n - + + = = 3.35 x n = b) Find the angular acceleration. . . 2 19.5* sin30 2* cos30 0.1924 /sec o o c g clockwise positive M I F F rad θ = = - = c) An equipment package weighing 30 lb. when the rocket is sitting on the launch pad is located 30 inches ahead of the rocket c.g. Find the force in the z-direction that this package will exert on the supports holding it to the rocket. This requires a number and a direction.
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Unformatted text preview: The translational acceleration is (30/12) && ft/sec 2 in the negative z direction (the angular acceleration is clockwise). The dAlembert force exerted by the 30 lb. object is in the positive z-direction and is equal to ( 29 30/ (30/12) 0.448 . g lb = && The force due to the load factor in the z-direction is 30 6 . z n lb = in the negative z-direction. The total load in the z-direction is 5.552 lb. directed downward, in the negative z-direction. This means that the support must exert a force of 5.552 lb. in the positive z-direction to keep the 30 lb. object moving with the rest of the missile....
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