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answer 1 - organization even in the face of the unexpected...

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Q1.What is the name for the broad process of planning for the unexpected? What are its primary components? The broad process of planning for the unexpected is known as the Contingency planning (CP).It is a process by which the information technology and information security communities of interest position their organizational units to prepare for,detect,react to and recover from events that threaten the security of information resources and assets both human and natural.Its main goal is to restore normal modes of operation with minimal cost and disruption to normal business activities for an unexpected event i.e. making sure that things get back to the way they were within a reasonable period of time.It should ensure continuous availability of information systems to the
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Unformatted text preview: organization even in the face of the unexpected. It consists of four major components: 1) Business impact analysis (IBA) 2) Incident response plan (IR plan) 3) Disaster recovery plan (DR plan) 4) Business continuity plan (BC plan) The BIA helps the organization to determine which business functions and information systems are critical to the success of the organization.The IR plan focuses on the immediate response to an incident.The DR plan focuses on restoring operations at the primary site, is invoked.Finally,the BC plan occurs concurrently with the DR plan enabling the business to continue at an alternate sight,until the organization is able to resume operations at its primary site or select a new primary location....
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