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answer 9 - Q.List and describe the four IR planning steps...

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Q.List and describe the four IR planning steps. The steps in IR are designed to stop incident,mitigate its effects and provide information for the recovery from the incident. The four steps in IR planning are: 1)Notification of Key Personnel :Once SIRT determines that an incident is in progress,it is very important that the right people must be notified in the right order.Most response organizations such as military,firefighters etc… maintain an alert rosters for all emergencies.An alert roster is a document which contains the contact information on the individuals to be notified in the event of the actual incident. The alert roster may be activated in two ways.One is sequentially and second is hierarchically.A sequential roster will require a contact person call each and every person on the roster whereas a hierarchial roster requires that the first person call designated people on the roster,who will inturn call designated other people and so on.Both the approaches have got advantages and disadvantages.The
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