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Q12.List and describe several containment strategies given in the text. On which two tasks do they focus? The critical components of IR is to stop the incident or containing its scope or impact.They vary depending on the incident and on the amount of damage caused.It is important to identify the affected areas before an incident can be stopped or contained.The identification of what information and systems are involved determines the containment actions to be taken.It focuses on two tasks: Stopping the incident and recovering control of the affected systems .The SIRT can stop the incident and attempt to recover control by the means of several strategies.If the incident originates outside the organization,the simplest approach is to disconnect the affected communication circuits.If the organization’s blood runs through the circuit this may be complicated.If the incident does not threaten
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Unformatted text preview: the critical functional areas,it may be feasible to monitor the incidents and contain it in another way.An approach used by organization’s to apply filtering rules dynamically is to limit certain types of network access. Other containment strategies include the following: 1)Disabling compromised user accounts 2)Reconfiguring a firewall to block the problem traffic 3)Temporarily disabling the compromised process or service 4)Taking down the conduit application server ex: e-mail server 5)Stopping all computers and network devices The final strategy is used only when all system control has been lost and the only hope is to preserve the data stored on the computers so that operations can resume normally once the incident is resolved....
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