Chapter 6 Quizes - distributed coding Correct specificity...

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Chapter 6: The Neuroscience Approach: Mind As Brain: Quiz   1. Cell recording allows us to investigate how different parts of the brain interact with one another measure the brain's gross electrical action examine how thousands of neurons interact with one another examine detailed information about what one or a few neurons are doing -  Correct!   2. The component of a neuron that is mostly responsible for receiving messages from othe axon terminal button dendrite -  Correct! synaptic cleft   3. A coronal plane divides the brain into left and right halves divides the brain into dorsal and ventral sections divides the brain into anterior and dorsal sections divides the brain into anterior and posterior sections -  Correct!   4. One theory of face perception is that a single face is coded for by the pattern of activatio cells. This is known as
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Unformatted text preview: distributed coding - Correct! specificity coding fusiform face coding prosopagnosia 5. Change in the structure or biochemistry of a synapse is called learning synaptic plasticity - Correct! long-term potentiation epilepsy 6. The basal ganglia play an important role in the learning of events facts autobiographical information skills - Correct! 7. The temporal lobe is involved in language production. True False - Correct! 8. In apperceptive agnosia, people cannot assemble the pieces or features of an object tog meaningful whole. True - Correct! False 9. Equipotentiality refers to the fact that all parts of the brain seem to take part in memory True - Correct! False 10. Contention scheduling is used to govern routine, habitual performances as well as nonr True - Correct! False...
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Chapter 6 Quizes - distributed coding Correct specificity...

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