Chapter 7 Quizzes - learning in organisms often occurs...

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Chapter 7: Outline: The Network Approach: Mind as a Web: Quiz   1. Artificial neural networks are an example of central processors parallel distributed processors -  Correct! serial processors sequential processors   2. The strength of a connection in an artificial neural network is determined by the: link threshold weight -  Correct! basis function   3. According to Donald Hebb, a small group of neurons that repeatedly stimulate themselv part of a larger neural organization is called a phase sequence teacher cell assembly -  Correct! perceptron   4. The back-propagation learning model is an example of which type of network? recurrent network -  Correct! reciprocal network associative network feed-forward network  
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5. Which of the following is a disadvantage of artificial neural networks? there is no evidence of back-propagation in real brains it is difficult to tell exactly what is happening in networks as they learn
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Unformatted text preview: learning in organisms often occurs without a teacher all of the above are disadvantages - Correct! 6. Researchers have discovered that there is no difference in verification time for the sente feathers" and "A canary has feathers." Which principle does this violate? priming prototypes cognitive economy - Correct! retrieval cues 7. In a convergent network, activity will periodically increase and decrease over time. True False - Correct! 8. A Kohonen network can create a spatial map of stimulus input. True - Correct! False 9. Ruth has a cat named Fifi. Ruth s cat is best represented using a type node. True False - Correct! 10. The concept "shoe" has a low degree of fan for most people. True False - Correct!...
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Chapter 7 Quizzes - learning in organisms often occurs...

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