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Name _________________ Lab section ____________ EPS 50 Make-up Lab for ‘Lab 1: Geology of the Berkeley Hills’ Due date: 3-20-08 Instructions: Please answers the following questions from the text book Understanding Earth 5 th Ed. Grotzinger, Jordan, Press and Sevier in complete sentences. 100pts
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Unformatted text preview: possible; each Exercise question is worth 5pts, each Thought Question is worth 10 pts. Pg 17 Exercises [Ex] 9 Pg 43 Thought Question [TQ] 1 Pg 127 Ex 1 Pg 128 Ex 8, TQ 5 Pg 187 Ex 1, TQ 3 Pg 239 Ex 3 Pg 294 TQ 2 Pg 399 TQ 7 Pg 470 Ex 1 Pg 548 Ex 1,2,4,8...
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