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Fall 2007 Steven F. Pedersen WELCOME TO CHEMISTRY 3 Course Philosophy: From a pragmatic point of view, it is important that you attend lectures since all exams in this course will be based on the material covered in lecture. The textbook should be used as a supplement to the lectures. There may be many topics covered in lectures that are not in the text and you will be responsible for knowing this material. The official title of this course is “Chemical Structure and Reactivity”. An alternative title could be “Applications of Organic Chemistry”. An important goal of this course is for you to leave lecture with knowledge of organic chemistry that is relevant to everyday objects, moments, and life. I am not asking that you ruin the aesthetic value of a stand of redwoods, a flock of geese or a herd of bison by imagining that they are made up of a "bunch" of organic molecules. However, organic chemistry does surround us from product labels to the nightly news.
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