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Suggested%20Problems%20_15 - exams in the exambook You will...

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Suggested Problems #15 for Chemistry 3A For instructions on how to interpret the numbering system below, see Suggested Problems #1. 12/04/07 From the Chemistry 3 Exambook Alkene Reaction Chemistry Part II: Epoxidation, Dihydroxylation and Ozonolysis 26(a: third box), 32(b), 38(c), 39(d), 40, 70(a), 71(b), 80(d), 111, 114, 117(b), 121, 150(b), 186(c), 187(b), 190(b), 211(a), 215(b), 218(c), 219(c), 242(a), 243(b,c). Cumulative final exams: Below are listed the pages of the cumulative sections of the final
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Unformatted text preview: exams in the exambook. You will find that you have been assigned most of these problems over the course of the semester. However, if you are interested in knowing what taking these cumulative exams are like, you can work on any or all of them at this point. Pages: 34-40, 75-82, 115-121, 155-162, 191-192 (this was a summer exam and the format was different), 216-221, 245-249. From Vollhardt’s book Chapter 12: 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 39 m-o, 57 b-f, 64, 69....
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