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final notes - Final Bio Notes Bilateria Protostomia and...

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Final Bio Notes Bilateria: Protostomia and Deuterostomia Lophotrochozoa Phylum Platyhelminthes-flatworms *marine, terrestrial, FW *Acoelomate-incomplete digestive tract, only single opening that is both mouth/anus *most have spiralian embryology *connective tissue: parenchyma, tissue filled region between epidermis and gastrodermis *carnivorous, parasitic, extra or intracellular digestion *CNS-cephalization, brain, eye spots, ganglia, longitudinal nerve cords and nerve net *gas exchange by diffusion, do have osmoregulatory/excretion organs: protonephridia *cilia hang into lumen below terminal cell, bound to collecting duct Class Turbellaria-free living Class Trematoda- adults are endoparisites of vertebrates, (Schistosoma: blood flukes), adults develop in intestines/bladder, separate sexes, intermediate hosts: snails, human: definitive host (where larvae reach maturity), cause anemia, liver enlargement, brain damage Class Cestoidea-adult parasites of vertebrates, proglottids are reproductive sections, scolex-head, tape worms, intermediate host: cow, fish, pig, Phylum Mollusca *marine, FW, terrestrial, *coelomate, most have shells, CNS: brain & 4nerve cords, complete digestive tract w/2 openings, BVS, metanephridia *reproduction: dioecious/hermaphroditic * protostome coelom embryology: trochophore larva Class Gastropoda- snails, slugs, Marine, FW, terrestrial, “stomach foot” single
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final notes - Final Bio Notes Bilateria Protostomia and...

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