CH3 skeleton

CH3 skeleton - Chapter 3- Atomic Structure and Properties...

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1 Chapter 3- Atomic Structure and Properties There are two classes of electrons in an atom: Core Valence Suggested Ch3 practice problems: 1, 7, 9, 11, 13 1 s 2 s 2 p 3 s 3 p 4 s 3 d 4 p sublevels E/r Atomic Orbital Energy Level Diagram Outermost shell-highest E electrons = most reactive! What atom is this? Valence electrons General rules s-block: highest energy s electrons Na Ca d-block: highest energy s and d electrons V Cu p-block: highest energy s and p electrons P Ga Noble gases have all core electrons Section 3.3 Periodicity and Predicting Atomic Properties: Atomic Radii Ionization Energy Electronegativity Periodic trends governed by the attraction between the nucleus and electrons.
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2 Valence electrons are shielded from the nuclear charge by intervening electrons, mainly core electrons. Nuclear charge experienced by valence electrons is called the effective nuclear charge, Z eff Effective Nuclear Charge Rules for shielding: • Core electrons are very good at shielding valence electrons from the nucleus. • Electrons in the same valence shell provide moderate shielding. • Shielding ability of electrons in an n-level decreases as quantum number l increases.
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CH3 skeleton - Chapter 3- Atomic Structure and Properties...

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