Alices - eyes or you won’t see anything” Reading Sense...

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Alice vs. Alice in Wonderland Alice Alice in Wonderland Alice character Cold, aggressive cheery White Rabbit Chubby, wear glasses, British Determined, eyes pointing in different directions, taxidermy, watch is internal, no soul, eats his own internal Background Colorful -> Bright, soft color: pale green, river, not distinguishable from the real world Blank walls, squalor, jars filled with fluids, keys, rulers, objects in bedroom come to live, woven into story Keys, triangle, rulers, compasses -> defined purpose objects for measurement -> rational world Lightning Design bright, cheerful, flat and even Shadows, heavy contrast b/ w light and dark Sound Cheery, singing Plain, plat, cold, Alice is the narrator, her story, begins with a paradox “must close your
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Unformatted text preview: eyes or you won’t see anything” Reading Sense of time changed, dizzying speed, lost of humane values, industrial revolution, laissez-faire Levittown – 1951 Homogenous suburb Time of social changes Alice in Wonderland: safe, homogenous and stable world “Sleep of reason produce monsters”- Goya imagination replaced by scientific reasoning Czech 1988 – communist rule 1989 Velvet Revolution Romanticism rejection of enlightened values Worlds: Disney: stable, sanitized, homogenous world, coating over anxieties Svankmeyer: childhood anxieties, responding to a destabilized world that believes in science and rationality are the only ways of making sense of the world...
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Alices - eyes or you won’t see anything” Reading Sense...

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