Persepolis - Uyen Pham CAT 3 June 5, 2009 PERSEPOLIS AND...

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Uyen Pham CAT 3 June 5, 2009 PERSEPOLIS AND THE POWER OF ANIMATION Although cartoons and animations are often regarded as simplistic expressions and reactions to cultural forces, Marjane Satrapi decided to tell her life story through Persepolis – a stylized animated film. Using stylized animation, Persepolis brings Marjane closer to us through viewer identification and shows us the bigger picture of cultural conflicts than just a story of the war and exile being told from a perspective of a child. Younger viewers can more easily interpret and identify with the characters, and the rendering of characters helps separate the viewers from their prejudices. The use of animation also keeps the focus of the movie on awareness of Marjane’s experience rather than mourning for her losses. And animation allows for visual presentations of thoughts and perceptions. When Marjane decided to publish her memoir by making Persepolis several years after the war, the target was not the people with real life wartime experience, but rather the younger generation, especially younger generation in other countries. Iran, as we know, is a country with a very extreme religion and unique history, thus presenting the war and cultural issues during peacetime and to foreigners is a tremendous challenge.
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Because the purpose of Persepolis is to rebuild the image of the social changes in Iran, through simplification, the cartoon switches the audience attention to the story and take away the unnecessary distraction of the actors detailed features or acting ability in live action movies. Using stylization instead of realistic animation, the specific image of Marjane as an Iranian kid becomes universal; therefore the viewers find it easier to
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Persepolis - Uyen Pham CAT 3 June 5, 2009 PERSEPOLIS AND...

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