Rejected _2nd lecture

Rejected _2nd lecture - one set of lines to see, another...

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Rejected: Youtube – Jokes Understanding Comics Happy face Universal As a face 1. Our brain forms pattern as a way of making sense of a world - similarity - proximity - continuity - closure Unit forming + unit breaking Hierarchy of importance 2. Perception is relative, depends on the surrounding context 3. Viewing is an act of judgment As motion New technologies framing how we see human body Beta phenomenon Why would we emphasize with happy face? Universality can describe many people Photo – specific individual Cartoon – blank slate
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Ionic representation allows directing attention to specific details Masking effect Individuals see outside world in great details feel internal world -> only general sense
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Unformatted text preview: one set of lines to see, another set of lines to be audience empathize with characters in the movie How many meaning produce?-story/plot-Montage/Editing Meaning comes from the combination of images Kuleshor effect Mise en Scence (placed in scence) Everything within the frame Cinema is artifice Lighting design Set design Costume design Sound -diegetic sound -> from the world of film-non-diegetic sound -> added to the world Why do we care? Animation as mirror reflecting cultural values back to us Linger disquiet We learn culture from movies Culture solution to common problems Art directing attention Technology: tools to solve problems...
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Rejected _2nd lecture - one set of lines to see, another...

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