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Uyen Pham CAT 3 WEEK 2 SUMMARIES I. My Neighbor Totoro II. Air Guitar I. My Neighbor Totoro My Neighbor Totoro is a “dowa”, a Japanese term for stories designed for children. The film thus doesn’t have intense action like movie for adults and primarily concentrates on the relationship between children and nature, with the settings in a peaceful Japanese countryside. Elements of Shinto religion, worshiping nature are detected in this movie, proving by the strong relationship between children and nature throughout the story. Totoro in the movie is a hybrid species of a cat, a raccoon and an owl, which is Miyazaki’s personal modernized creature. Totoro therefore does not offer pure protection for the unfortunate like in traditional kid stories, but rather as an offer from nature. Totoro
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thus presents a human active role with the help from nature, not a passive, helpless role transferred by some magic. Parental role in the movie is also different. Instead of being an excessively rational adult figure, Mr. Kusakabe has ritual beliefs and is always supportive of his daughter’s stories. Although Mrs.
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Totoro&Air_guitar - Uyen Pham CAT 3 WEEK 2...

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