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Toy Story - Uyen Pham CAT 3 May 8 2009 IS IGNORANCE REALLY...

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Uyen Pham CAT 3 May 8, 2009 IS IGNORANCE REALLY BLISS? Seeing how miserable Daffy Duck is, each of us, at some points in our lives, would tell ourselves “Ignorance is bliss”. Yet truth cannot be hidden forever, and life does not tolerate ignorance. In Toy Story , Buzz Lightyear, after going through the crisis of identity, becomes more aware of himself and his environment, and thus has the ability to live a more realistic, efficient, and happier life. The level of importance of self-awareness depends on the situation. In Duck Amuck , Daffy Duck is fully aware of being a cartoon character, yet he is unable to change his environment, or even his identity. Self-awareness of Daffy Duck is therefore less important. However, in Toy Story , self-awareness is crucial to survival. Buzz’s first attempt to fly around Andy’s room is successful because of luck. In his second attempt to fly through the windows in Sid’s house, Buzz breaks one of his arms and almost kills himself. Buzz and Woody both have a very good chance to go back to Andy’s house at the
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Pizza Planet but Buzz is too busy looking for his rocket that he is not even aware that Sid is taking them away. Several scenes of Buzz trying to fly, fix his rocket, or report to his station are not only the build up for the humor throughout this film, but also the answer to the question “Is ignorance bliss?”. However, acquiring self-aware alone is not enough. Awareness can lead
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Toy Story - Uyen Pham CAT 3 May 8 2009 IS IGNORANCE REALLY...

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