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Uncanny valley

Uncanny valley - 1 Texture – decay dust dirt rust 2...

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Video games and the Uncanny valley 1. Stylization: Disney, Pirates 2. Photo-realism - on the way: final fantasy, polar express, Q 2 Uncanny: familiar and alien at the same time Defamaliarization: making the familiar unfamiliar Disquieting -> transforming from human to something else Street of Crocodiles Intentionally moving to other temporal world Unexpected – pocketwatch
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Texture – decay, dust, dirt, rust 2. Camera movement – jumpy, flickering 3. Depth of field – what’s in focus, not in focus 4. Scale – world of miniature – point of view of objects 5. Movement – Life is everywhere Threatening, human body isn’t most important Whole world not in our control Rediscover aura...
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