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CAT-Related Events Essay Guidelines Your 450-500 word essay on each CAT-Related Event should provide a brief description of the event you attended, including any question and answer sessions, but the main focus of your essay should be on providing insight and analysis and relating the event to themes of the course. While your essay may include some personal opinions, you are not writing a review as you might see in a newspaper about a play or a film. This is an analytical essay— just as you would approach an assigned reading for the class, treat the event as a “text” that you will be examining critically. The goal here is to start seeing how differing definitions of culture, art and technology operate in the “real world” outside the classroom. Here are some questions to ask yourself before, during and after the event for exploration in your essay. On the following pages find examples of sample papers with comments about the strengths and weaknesses of each. If you have questions about your essay, the Associate Director for CAT, Tara Knight, has office hours Mondays 3-4pm in PCH #246. You are welcome to bring a draft and discuss your experiences at the events. Experiencing the event What were you expecting before you arrived? Did the event meet those expectations? What surprised you; what parts did you find confusing? Is this event intended for a subculture – experts in the climate crisis or modern dance? If so, then how are other audience members reacting? Is that different from your experience? How might this event be similar to other events in your own experience? Do you think the ideas you’ve been introduced to in CAT give you a different understanding of the event? Why is it arranged the way it is? What is the event composed of? Was it a lecture where the audience sits quietly, or a more interactive environment? Why was that the chosen format? For a speaker, how did they structure their ideas and why? In a museum, how were you led through the exhibit? Why was it arranged the way it was? For a musical or narrative piece, how did the order of events lead you to think or feel a certain way? What was the intention / Why does it matter? The preparation for these events often represent the work of dozens of people over months, if not years. What was the effort of all of these people intended to make you feel or think about? Did you see patterns in the events, or things that stood out? Connecting it to the Course Keep in mind the differing definitions of culture, art and technology that are discussed in class As an example of art, what is it drawing your attention toward, or away from? Would different authors disagree what’s the most important part of the event? Is there one particular definition of culture that best suits your event? Many of these events will involve the technical aspect of technology, lighting rigs, microphones and others, but does the event address other aspects of technology?
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CAT%20Related%20Events%20Essay%20Guidelines - CAT-Related...

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