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Essay_2_Prompt - How do each of the films answer the...

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In Duck Amuck Daffy Duck is aware of the fact that he's in a cartoon, and he's fighting for control of his situation. In Toy Story Buzz Lightyear goes through a crisis of identity when he learns that he is not the Buzz Lightyear. In both films we see a variety of characters who represent a spectrum of awareness about what is really going on; some of them are clearly clueless and others are painfully self-aware.
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Unformatted text preview: How do each of the films answer the question, are you better off knowing the truth about your surroundings? Do you agree with what the films are saying? Why or why not. Back up your analysis with specific moments, visual examples, and lines of dialogue from the films. This 4-5 page essay is due on Tuesday, May 12 at the start of lecture....
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