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BENG 112B BIOMECHANICS S 2009 Homework #6 Due Thursday 5/28 before class Suggested Reading: 1. Theret and Sato papers on WebCT (for previous week) 2. Boal Chpt. 9, 10 (this week) Analysis Problems: 1. Using the micropipette aspiration data in table 1, determine E 1 , E , and μ by fitting one of the models discussed in class to the data. First define your governing equation and assumptions, and then state the model you are using and compute the 3 constants from a fit of the data . Plot your results graphically. Assume an average pressure drop to be 408 mm H 2 O, R P ~ 1 micron, and the thickness of the pipette wall is 500 nm. Time (seconds) L P (microns) 00 1.4666667 8.25 3.3 12.27 4.3666667 11.48 6.3333333 14.28 8.5333333 16.29 13.166667 16.09 15.466667 16.69 2. What is the minimum torque required keep a leukocyte in a rolling state
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