Class Notes Nov. 21

Class Notes Nov. 21 - Nov 21 The History of Creation...

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Nov. 21 The History of Creation Science in the 20 th Century Scott’s Three Anti-Evolution Trends - Growth of secondary education - rise of Protestant Fundamentalism - association between evolution and ideas of Social Darwinism Growth of Secondary Education - access to high school education increasingly significant in the US in the early 20 th century Rise of Protestant Fundamentalism - insistent on a literal reading of the Bible - Bible as inerrant – free from error, completely true - objective reality of miracles - opposition to natural selection (not all evolutionary ideas, that is) as it replaced direct divine action with natural causes Evolution and Social Darwinism - aftermath of WWI, the bloodiest conflict in history at the time - conservative Christians saw Germany’s militarism as a result of its acceptance of theories of evolution and eugenics in the late 19 th century - association between unfair economic practices and Social Darwinistic creeds After Scopes - Evolution disappeared from textbooks all over the US - No diminution in anti-evolution education policy or laws: remember Tennessee’s Butler Act stayed on the books until 1967 when it was ruled unconstitutional
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Class Notes Nov. 21 - Nov 21 The History of Creation...

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