Class Notes Oct.5

Class Notes Oct.5 - RECEPTION Origin of Species(1859 one...

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10/5/06 RECEPTION Origin of Species (1859): one sentence in book mentions implications of the theory for the human race at the end Bowler theory was a religious, philosophical, and ideological background…can only be understood through this context - sees the newly influential middle classes as the group likeliest to embrace evolution through emphasis on gradual improvement rather than sudden revolution middle class was working their way up Supporters of Darwin: - professional scientists (geologists, field naturalists) - freethinkers and radicals - those who believed in progress as the principal law governing the universe - ‘broad church’ clerics: interpreted Genesis symbolically (19 th century) Darwin’s Antagonist: - conservative clerics - conservative press - scientists who challenged whether Darwin’s methods were truly scientific because his hypotheses were not fully verifiable - William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) challenged Lyell’s uniformitarianism with his research on heat of the earth (thermodynamics). Though the earth might be only a hundred million years old. not all scientists were anti-religious, or even without religious beliefs not all Christians, or even clerics, were anti-science, or even anti-Darwinian Samuel Wilberforce Darwin or Evolution on Trail? - Many scientists who thought idea of evolution was improbably with Christianity as there were who challenged that view - Robert Own and St. George Mivart saw evolution as part of God’s plan. Rejected
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Class Notes Oct.5 - RECEPTION Origin of Species(1859 one...

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