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Class Notes Oct. 17

Class Notes Oct. 17 - Lamarckianism in Social Darwinism you...

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10/17/06 Lamarckianism in Social Darwinism – you can change over time, you are not stuck with what you are born with American Economics - Championing of unrestricted economic competition - monopolies in industry justified as the fittest eliminating their rivals - efficient producers would dominate the market Social Darwinism and Race - Long-standing assumption (among westerners!) of natural superiority of Europeans - Argument from environment that colder northern climate stimulated and forced works habits while warm climates induced laziness Lamarckianism, people use/disuse to find food - Social Darwinists argued that other (meaning non-while) races were now permanently inferior intellectually - In this argument, environment had a permanent effect on heredity - Influential in an age of European and America imperial expansion Why Isn’t Karl Marx a Social Darwinist - Concept of class struggle is the central prop of Marxist theory
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