Class Notes Oct. 19

Class Notes Oct. 19 - Oct. 19 Genetics term was coined in...

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Oct. 19 Genetics term was coined in 1906 by the English biologist, William Bateson - defined it as “the elucidation of the phenomena of heredity and variation” - supplied by what Bowler argues was the change of paradigm which “ushered in the age of Modern Darwinism”. - As power points out (224), the popularity of Darwinian theory declined in the 19 th century and was not revived until the explosion of genetic knowledge early in the twentieth century. - Unlike 19 th century biology, genetics was a lab science rather than a field science. Understanding Heredity - In the 18 th and 19 th centuries, scientists were more interested in how a new organism was constructed than in how ant why particular characters were transmitted from one generation to the next - This way of thinking tended to see transmission as affecting only two contiguous generations: parent to children. Preformation Theory - In the 18 th century, some scientists disputed the idea that a living body could manufacture the necessary materials for a new body to grow - Instead, they argued that the embryo grew from a preformed miniature already created by God. All individuals present at the Creation in miniature form - Opposite of epigenetic theory which stressed creation and growth of an embryo Lamarckian Evolutionary Theory - Inheritance of acquired characteristics…. - Emphasizes effect of external causes - The organism borne “remembers” the experiences of its parents and ancestors - Widely popular among 19 th century scientists -Often known as “soft heredity” where “hard heredity” signifies that external causes are irrelevant Hard Heredity - A process independent of the productive capacities of the parent organisms - Germinal material not manufactured by the parents
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Class Notes Oct. 19 - Oct. 19 Genetics term was coined in...

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