ForExam3_07 - Exam#3 will cover chapters 10(except 10.8 and...

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Exam #3 will cover chapters 10 (except 10.8) and 11. - Acid and bases definitions, conjugate acids/bases, strength equilibrium problems names of strong acids (HCl, HBr, HI, nitric, sulfuric, perchloric) names of strong bases (hydroxides of 1st and 2nd groups) - Salts and buffers: determine acidity/basicity, calculate pH, etc. know chemical reactions relevant to salts and buffers in solution. derive buffer log equation change in pH upon addition of a strong acid/base to buffer design buffer of a given pH; buffer capacity - Polyprotic acids - Solubility and precipitation solubility and solubility product precipitation under different conditions separation of salts and effect of pH on solubility complex ions formation and solubility - Super acids: see lecture notes; recognize names and main reactions Review: Equilibrium, Le Chatelier principle
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(a) Which is a stronger conjugate base, Cl - or F - ? Explain why. F - because it corresponds to the weak acid HF (b) The hydride ion (H - ) is a much stronger Bronsted-Lowry base than OH - . Write equations for the rxns that take place when the source of these ions (NaH) is dissolved in water. NaH −> Na + (aq) + H - (aq) H - (aq) + H 2 O −> Η 2 + ΟΗ (aq) (c) Write the equilibrium expressions that are satisfied in an aqueous solution of carbonic acid (H 2 CO 3 ). H 2 CO 3 <−> H + + HCO 3 - HCO 3 - <−> H + + CO 3 2- (d) Arrange the following compounds in the order of increasing pH: KF, NaCl, NH 3 , HNO 2 , HNO 3 HNO 3 <HNO 2 <NaCl<KF<NH 3 (e) Is BCl 3 an acid, base, or salt? Justify your answer.
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ForExam3_07 - Exam#3 will cover chapters 10(except 10.8 and...

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