23764533 - A Universal Healthcare System: Is It Right for...

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Volume 42, No. 1, January-March, 2007 3 Blackwel Publishing Inc Malden, USA NUF Nursing Forum 0 29-6473 © Blackwel Publishing 20 7 January 20 7 42 1Original Article A Universal Healthcare System: Is it Right for the United States? A Universal Healthcare System: Is It Right for the United States? Marleise Rashford, RN, BSN TOPIC. A Universal Health Care System: Is it Right for the United States? The over 45 million Americans who are uninsured speak volumes about the problems with our present healthcare system. Many Americans do not have access to basic health care and it is time to revisit the importance of universal health care for all Americans. PURPOSE. To gain a greater understanding of the facts, figures, and support for universal health care in America. SOURCE OF INFORMATION. A literature review of five research studies. CONCLUSION. The implementation of universal health care in America is a plausible feat, but the support of several facets of society is necessary for this to become a reality. Search terms: Universal health care, healthcare reform, access to health care, health care for all Marleise Rashford, RN, BSN, is Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate Student, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida. Introduction Universal healthcare coverage is an important sub- ject for all Americans. Millions of Americans are not covered by health insurance plans, many cannot afford to purchase health insurance, and many employers do not offer such coverage due to high costs, especially for small businesses. Part-time workers, seasonal workers, and most if not all undocumented workers do not have any insurance coverage (Altman, Rein- lower end of the socioeconomic bracket who suffer most from the inability to afford health insurance. As the population ages and more people rely on social security, it has become more difficult for this group to afford medication and some healthcare services. As a nation we need to be very concerned about the health of those in the lower socioeconomic bracket. They are the people who work in the service industry, attending to our daily needs, working in our homes, taking care of our children, sending their children to school with our children, and mingling on a daily basis with the rest of the population. They are an important and necessary part of any society. It would be prudent then to provide these individuals with healthcare coverage. The middle class is not without its share of prob- lems either. If one spouse should lose his or her job or a major medical situation arises that requires one spouse to remain at home, the entire family could face a financial crisis. This situation would be even more critical in a single-parent household. As an industrial- ized society, it is shameful to see so many people suffer on various levels due to inadequate access to appropriate health care. The idea of implementing universal healthcare coverage has been discussed and
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23764533 - A Universal Healthcare System: Is It Right for...

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