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Final Exam Review Exam conditions: Four pages notes, front and back, allowed Calculator allowed Time length: 2 hrs 50 min Turn-in time strictly enforced Coverage: Cumulative: all homeworks including Homework 10 and all lectures. The exam will consist of 4 problems, each with potentially multiple parts (a,b, etc): one from Exam 1 material, one from Exam 2 material, one from Exam 3 material, and one from the new material since Exam 3. The same tables that were supplied with Exam 3 will be supplied with the Final Exam Topics covered since Exam 3: Bode Plots o Circuits with distinct and well-separated poles and zeroes
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Unformatted text preview: o Second-order system with complex poles Coupled inductors o Dot convention o Frequency domain analysis Two-port networks o () to T (Y) transformation and T (Y) to () transformation o The 6 different kinds of two-port parameterizations o Identifying two-port parameters Background math skills: You will be expected to know how to Set up a matrix equation of arbitrary size Integrate and differentiate polynomials and e at Invert a 2X2 matrix or equivalently, solve a linear equation with two variables....
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