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SOLUTIONS Second Exam Circuit Analysis ECE2040 Spring 2005 Ingram Name:________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Closed book, two pages, front and back, of notes, calculator allowed. 2. Write answers on answer sheets, one side only, in order. 3. Staple answer sheets to back of this test (include this sheet). 4. 1hour and 20 minutes will be allowed for the exam. Problem Worth Grade 1a 10 1b 15 1c 20 2 25 3 30 Total 100
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1. In the circuit below, assume that the switch has been closed an infinitely long time before it opens at t=0. (a) Find the value of i L (t) just before the switch opens. Before the switch opens, the inductor behaves like a short circuit, so the entire 48V falls across the 6 ohm resistor. Therefore, i L (t) =48/6=8A. (b) Give the Norton’s equivalent of the circuit that is attached to the inductor for 0 t . Once the middle switch is open, the 30 V source can be ignored. The circuit can be rotated into the position below. The Norton’s equivalent is needed for the circuit to the left of the black dots. The
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SolutionsExamTwo2040Spr05 - SOLUTIONS Second Exam Circuit...

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