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Homework #16, page 1 Homework #16, English 102 Name: ___________________________________ Class Time: ______________________________ Point Value: 10 points Incomplete: 0 points Complete and acceptable: 7 points Complete and outstanding: 10 points 1. What ideas or themes in the Foucault reading most interested you? Which moments of class discussion have been most exciting? 2. Review the prompts that are available to you for Paper #2. Choose three different prompts. For each, spend 10 full minutes brainstorming. Attach a visual record of this
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Unformatted text preview: brainstorm to the homework with a staple. 3. Which of these brainstorms is most promising? 4. Write an email to a friend or family member briefing them on your assignment and sharing your ideas with them. Ask them to help you brainstorm. Attach your email and their email to this homework with a staple. 5. Find one book at the KU library about this topic. Write a Chicago style citation for it here: 6. Find one website that contains information about this topic. Write a Chicago style citation for it here:...
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