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Homework #17, page 1 Homework #17, English 102 Name: ___________________________________ Class Time: ______________________________ Point Value: 20 points Incomplete: 0 points Complete and acceptable: 15 points Complete and outstanding: 20 points 1. Write a complete first draft of Paper #2. This must meet the word count and resource requirements and include Chicago style citations. Print and staple to this homework. 2. Review the assignment for Paper #2. What parts of the assignment does your draft do well? 3. In what ways does your draft fail to respond to the prompt? What are its weakest areas? 4. Review the higher order concerns on the Assessment Rubric, available on Blackboard.
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Unformatted text preview: What are the higher order concerns that you have about your draft? 5. Take your paper to the Writing Center. Be sure that you indicate that you want your instructor to have a record of your attendance. Write the first name of your writing tutor here: __________________________. 6. What advice did you get from your writing tutor? List all the advice here, then star the advice that was most helpful. 7. This homework is due by 5:00 pm on 10/9/09 via email. Also, print and bring a copy to class on 10/12/09....
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