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Homework #18, page 1 Homework #18, English 102 Name: ___________________________________ Class Time: ______________________________ Point Value: 20 points Incomplete: 0 points Complete and acceptable: 15 points Complete and outstanding: 20 points 1. Using the feedback of your writing tutor, revise the first draft of Paper #2. Use the “Track Changes” function of your word processing program to indicate changes to the original draft. Print a copy and attach to this homework. 2. Email a copy of this new draft to a pre-selected member of your writing group. Each person in the group should have one other person read his or her writing. In groups of
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Unformatted text preview: three, this may involve a three-way swap. At the time that you email your writing partner, carbon copy me on the email. Attach the revised draft of your paper to the email. The email is due by 9:00 a.m. on 10/10/09. 3. Bring a hard copy of this homework and the revised draft to class on 10/12/09. At that time, I will review the first draft and the revised draft for measurable differences. I expect to see significant changes between the first and second drafts, not just minor corrections to grammar or changes in word choice....
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