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Homework #19, page 1 Homework #19, English 102 Name: ___________________________________ Class Time: ______________________________ Point Value: 20 points Incomplete: 0 points Complete and acceptable: 15 points Complete and outstanding: 20 points 1. Read the draft of Paper #2 that your writing partner sent to you via email. You should have received this draft by 9:00 a.m. on 10/10/09. If you did not receive a draft, contact a different member of your writing group and ask for a draft of his or her work. Your original partner, by not submitting his or her work punctually, has forfeited the privilege of peer feedback. However, you still have to practice your feedback skills, so find a new partner in your group, even if this means that one person in the group receives feedback from more than one partner. 2. Review your partner’s selected prompt for Paper #2, then re-read the draft. How did the writer meet or exceed expectations of the prompt? 3.
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