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Homework #24 Name : ____________________ Class time: _________________ Complete parts A-G prior to meeting in the library. Note that the questions in this part of the assignment are long and require some thought, so give yourself plenty of time to work on them. Complete the rest of the assignment during our library time today. At the end of the library session, I will collect a copy of this homework assignment from each group member. A. Who are the members of your group? B. What are your expectations for your group members? Be reasonable and focused. Articulate these clearly in a list. (For example, all group members will be on time for meetings; all meetings will end promptly at a pre-determined time, etc.) C. Email your group members the list. As a group, create a master list that shares everyone’s expectations. Type that list here: D. Does this list include any expectations that you feel you cannot meet, even if they are not expectations that you share? If so, list that expectation here. E. Generate eight potential ideas for this paper.
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Homework _24, English 102 - Homework#24 Page 1 of 2...

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