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Homework _31, English 102

Homework _31, English 102 - Homework#31 page 1 of 2...

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Homework #31, page 1 of 2 Homework #31 Name: ____________________________ Class time: ________________________ Purpose of today’s homework: The variety of questions below illustrate the many ways that this essay can be viewed by asking students to apply the essay to cultural and cross-cultural phenomena as well as personal experience. Choose one of the prompts and respond to it. 1. Percy asks, “Why is it almost impossible to gaze directly at the Grand Canyon under these circumstances and see it for what it really is…?” What “circumstances” is he talking about? Make a list of 15 other circumstances that similarly restrict a person’s ability to see something for “what it really is.” Choose one from this list and generate a new list of five factors that create its “symbolic complex.” 2. Write a personal narrative (a true story with characters, a plot, and a setting, including time and place) of 250 words in which you describe and reflect on a time when you measured your satisfaction with an experience by “the degree to which…[it] conform[ed] to the preformed complex.” Here are some ideas: a natural wonder, your first kiss, prom
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