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Homework #32, page 1 of 2 Homework #32 Name: ____________________________ Class time: ________________________ Purpose of today’s homework: The variety of questions below illustrate the many ways that this essay can be viewed by asking students to apply the essay to cultural and cross-cultural phenomena as well as personal experience. Choose one of the prompts and respond to it. Also, write a prompt, using the assignment prompts for papers 1-3 as a guide, for your fourth paper. This prompt should provide you with a focus for your fourth paper, a clear set of directions (“Compare and contrast,” “outline,” “describe,” etc.), a page length requirement, and a list of required sources. Print your prompt on a sheet of paper that is separate from your response to the question of your choice below. Additionally, email your prompt to Rebecca at rebeccabfox@ku.edu. 1. Percy asks, “Why is it almost impossible to gaze directly at the Grand Canyon under these circumstances and see it for what it really is…?” What “circumstances” is he talking about? Make a list of 15 other circumstances that similarly restrict a person’s ability to see something for “what it really is.” Choose one from this list and generate a
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Homework _32, English 102 - Homework #32, page 1 of 2...

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