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Homework #33, English 102 Name: ________________________ Class time: ____________________ 1. Review the goals for this course as outlined on the syllabus. Which goals were the most difficult for you to meet? 2. Which goals do you feel you met easily? 3. Which goals have you not yet met? What could you have done differently to meet these goals this semester? 4. How many days of class have you missed? 5. How many times did you visit Rebecca during her office hours or during other non- mandatory conferences? 6. How many times did you visit the writing center? 7. What were your grades for the first, second, and third papers?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What is your homework grade? 9. Review the readings for this semester. Which reading was most challenging to you? 10. Which reading was most useful to you? 11. Which reading was most engaging to you? 12. Which reading(s), if any, would you recommend be removed from the course? 13. Which reading(s), if any, would your recommend keeping in the course? 14. Write a first draft of your fourth paper. It must meet length and source requirements. Print one copy of your paper for each member of your group, including yourself, plus me. Staple one copy to this homework....
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