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Homework 7, English 102

Homework 7, English 102 - Homework#7 page 1 Homework#7 Name...

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Homework #7, page 1 Homework #7 Name: ___________________________________ Class Time: __________________ Point value: 10 points Scoring guide: Not attempted or incomplete in any way: 0 Completed and acceptable: 7 Completed and outstanding: 10 Purpose of today’s homework: To engage a key concept from a difficult essay in great depth Choose one of the questions below that you did not answer for homework #7 and respond to it as instructed. 1. One page 129, Althusser refers to the “endless chain” of production, using the example of a spinning mill. Create a diagram (a web perhaps?) of an “endless chain” of a product that you know well. You might draw from your own employment experiences. Include at least 25 degrees (25 links in your “chain” or, in other words, list at least 25 relationships that the production of this particular good or service depends upon). 2. Provide a critique of the current U.S. minimum wage based upon Althusser’s definition of a “biological” versus “historical” minimum wage (page 131). Which is the current U.S. minimum wage based upon? Which do you think it should be based upon? How
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