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Homework #10, page 1 Homework #10 Name: ___________________________________ Class Time: ___________ Point value: 10 points Not attempted or incomplete in any way: 0 points Completed and acceptable: 7 points Completed and outstanding: 5 points 1. Review the assignment sheet for Papers #1a, then review your paper. Write a list of how you effectively met the assignment’s requirements. 2. Write a list of how you failed to meet the assignment’s requirements. 3. Print one copy of the Assessment Rubric from Blackboard. Use it as a guide to reviewing Paper #1b. Put a check in the box to the left of all areas that need improvement.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What grade would give you Paper #1a? Write a paragraph of 3-5 sentences justifying the grade. 5. Write a to-do list of all the things you would need to do to transform your draft of Paper #1a into a paper that perfectly fulfilled the requirements of the assignment. 6. Now read the prompt for Paper #1b. What ideas do you have for revising your draft of Paper #1a into Paper #1b? Your ideas should go beyond merely “fixing” Paper #1a and should instead demonstrate renewed effort in idea development, research, and organization. If you like, you can use the back of this sheet for brainstorming....
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