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BIOLOGY 150, SAMPLE QUIZ QUESTIONS – LAB TOPIC E: HOMEOSTATSIS, PH AND BUFFERS 1. TRUE FALSE A solution with a pH of 6 if more acidic than a solution with a hydrogen ion concentration [H + ] of 1 x 10 -4 . EXPLAIN YOUR CHOICE. 2. TRUE FALSE In a solution with a pH of 2 the [H + ] > [OH - ]. EXPLAIN YOUR CHOICE. 3. Carbonic acid (H 2 CO 3 ) is a weak acid that acts as a buffer in your blood. The presence of H 2 CO 3 helps maintain your blood’s pH at a slightly basic 7.4. When placed in water (and your blood is mostly water) some of the H 2 CO 3 will dissociate to form H + and HCO 3 - . (H 2 CO 3 <==> H + + HCO 3 - ) If excess acid (H + ) is added to your blood, how will the buffer act to keep the pH stable? 4. In general, the function of a buffer is to a. change to pH of an acidic solution to a pH of 7. b. maintain a relatively constant pH if excess H+ or OH- is added. c. maintain a constant temperature.
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