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BIOLOGY 150, SAMPLE QUIZ QUESTIONS, SECTION F: MICROSCOPES 1. What is the function of the stage on the microscope? 2. What is the function of the condenser on the microscope? 3. If you use the 10x power objective to view a specimen on a compound microscope, the total magnification will be a. 4x. b. 10x. c. 40x. d. 100x. e. 400x. f. 1000x. 4. If you are observing a specimen using a compound microscope, and you move the stage to the left and forward, the specimen will appear to a. move to the left and backward.
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Unformatted text preview: b. move to the right backward. c. move to the left and forward. d. move to the right and forward. 5. Which objective lens do you use to initially search for a specimen? a. 4x b. 10x c. 40x d. 100x 6. Which objective lens requires the use of immersion oil? a. 4x b. 10x c. 40x d. 100x 7. When cleaning a lens, which of the following is CORRECT a. use EtOH to clean lens, dry with lens paper b. use Kim wipes even though they may scratch the lens c. never clean the lens, you can see a specimen better with a dirty lens....
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