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BIOLOGY 150, SAMPLE QUIZ QUESTIONS, SECTION H: Cell Biology 1. List two cell organelle AND their FUNCTION. 2. The illustration below depicts an Elodea cell. This cell is “normal” in that the inside of the cell is isotonic relative to the outside of the cell. However, if this cell were placed in salt water, the inside of the cell would be hypotonic relative to the outside which would be hypertonic. Make a drawing showing what would result if this cell remained in salt water for a period of time. Make sure to label the cell wall, plasma membrane, chloroplasts and vacuole. 3. Which of the following is INCORRECT with regards to the Elodea cell being placed in salt water? a. The cell swells and bursts. b. The vacuole loses water and shrinks. c. The plasma membrane shrinks up and pulls away from the cell wall. d. Water moves out of the cell (i.e., water moves from hypotonic to hypertonic). 4. In questions 2 & 3, salt water is a solution. List the solvent and solute making up this solution.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Which of the following is INCORRECT with regard to Cell Theory? a. All organisms are made of cells. c. All cells come from other cells. b. All organisms are multicellular. d. The cell is the basic unit of life. 6. Osmosis is a special type of diffusion in which ________________ moves across a plasma membrane from a ________________ solution to a ______________ solution. a. water, hypotonic, hypertonic c. water, hypertonic, hypotonic b. solute, hypotonic, hypertonic d. solute, hypertonic, hypotonic 7. Which of the following is UNIQUE to eukaryotes? a. DNA c. mitochondria b. plasma membrane d. ribosomes 8. How does a plant cell differ from an animal cell? 9. What role do prokaryotes and eukaryotes play in the Endosymbiotic Theory? What evidence exists to support this theory? 10. TRUE FALSE Cells are limited in size (i.e., they can only grow so big). EXPLAIN YOUR CHOICE cell wall plasma membrane vacuole chloroplasts...
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