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BIOLOGY 150, SAMPLE QUIZ QUESTIONS, SECTION J: GENETICS AND INHERITANCE In pea plants, pea color is coded for by one gene with two alleles. Pea shape is also coded for by one gene with two alleles. The two genes are on different chromosomes. For pea color, the dominant trait in green, while yellow is the recessive trait. For pea shape, the dominant trait is round, while the recessive trait is wrinkled. Both genes show simple complete dominance . The following letters will be used to represent the alleles for these two traits: pea color: G = dominant allele g = recessive allele pea shape R = dominant allele r = recessive allele Two pea plants with the following genotype mate: GgRr x ggrr 1. Given the above genotypes, what are the possible gametes each can produce? GgRr gametes: ggrr gametes: 2. What are the phenotypes of these genotypes? GgRr: ggrr: 3. What is the probability of the above mating resulting in the below phenotypes? Show your work.
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Unformatted text preview: green and wrinkled ________% yellow and round __________% 4. Why did the term fictitious with regards to facial genetics keep coming up during last weeks lab? 5. Briefly define epistasis. 6. During last weeks lab, you flipped a coin when making gametes. What did the flipping represent? 7. Hemophilia, the inability to produce a blood-clotting factor, is a sex-linked trait. The gene is located on the X chromosome and has two alleles. The dominant allele (H) codes for healthy blood. The recessive allele (h) codes for hemophilia. The gene shows complete dominance . Write the possible genotypes and phenotypes for this gene and trait. 8. Haploid _________ are produced via ______________, and unite during fertilization to form a diploid _________. 9. How does incomplete dominance differ from complete dominance? 10. TRUE FALSE Hairy ear, a sex-linked trait on the Y chromosome, only occurs in men (i.e., only men can show the phenotype of hairy ears.)...
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