SAMPLE QUIZ - serious(cause more damage 5 DNA> DNA is a translation c replication b transcription d none of the above 6 Briefly describe the

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BIOLOGY 150, SAMPLE QUIZ QUESTIONS, SECTION K: DNA, REPLICATION AND PROTEIN SYNTHESIS 1) DNA ---> RNA is a. translation. c. replication. b. transcription. d. none of the above. 2) Anticodons are found on a. mRNA. c. tRNA. b. rRNA. d. DNA. 3) Given the following template strand of DNA, what would be the complimentary mRNA? ACCTCGGGATTAA 4) What is the difference between a frameshift mutation and a substitution mutation? Which is more likely to be more
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Unformatted text preview: serious (cause more damage)? 5) DNA ---> DNA is a. translation. c. replication. b. transcription. d. none of the above. 6) Briefly describe the function of tRNA. 7) What are the three components of a nucleotide? Which of these three varies (is not the same for all nucleotides)? How are nucleotides joined to make a strand of DNA? 8) Where does post-translational modification of a protein take place? 9) What process produces tRNAs and rRNAs? 10) Briefly describe third base degeneracy....
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