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Biology 150 – SAMPLE QUIZ QUESTIONS, SECTION M - MICROBIOLOGY 1) TRUE FALSE When alcohol flaming to sterilize forceps or other materials, you should keep the alcohol bottle away from the open flame. 2) TRUE FALSE When swabbing a TSA plate, it is ok to open the lid of the plate and leave it open for long periods of time. 3) A colony is a. several million microbial cells, all descendants of one cell. b. a nutrient solution used to culture bacteria c. a sterilized piece of round paper. d. a shallow dish with a loose fitting cover. 4) Which of the following is NOT an antiseptic? a. ethanol c. water
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Unformatted text preview: b. antibacterial hand soap d. iodine 5) TRUE FALSE Bacteria have nuclei and other cell organelles. 6) What is the difference between sterilization and sanitization? 7) Explain what antibacterial resistance is with regards to the overuse antibacterial soaps. 8) If you have a skin infections, why would ammonia be a bad treatment choice? 9) In the antiseptic and disinfectant experiment the size (diameter) of the zone of inhibition was the a. dependent variable. b. independent variable. c. type of agar used. d. level of treatment. 10) What was the independent variable in the ubiquity experiment your lab table performed?...
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