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Biology 150 – SAMPLE QUIZ QUESTIONS, SECTION L - TRANSFORMATION 1) Explain what a satellite colony is? 2) Speculate on why there were often many more white colonies than blue on the non-selective plate (no ampicillin) with transformed E. coli . 3) What is competency? 4) What function did X-Gal serve in the transformation experiment? 5) What safety precautions did you use last week? 6) Transformation is a. a cool thing toys called Transformers do (e.g., change from a car into a robot). b. a process by which bacteria incorporate external DNA into their own genome. c. decoding DNA into mRNA. d. what happens to you after four years of college.
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Unformatted text preview: 7) TRUE FALSE A plasmid is a small circular strand of DNA separate from the main chromosomal DNA. 8) TRUE FALSE is both a microbe and a bacteria. 9) Recombinant DNA is a. DNA that results from reverse transcription when retroviruses infect a host cell. b. DNA in which genes from two different sources are combined in vitro. c. DNA in gap 2 (i.e., DNA that has been duplicated prior to cell division). d. DNA that has uracil bases rather than thymine bases. 10) How might transformation that occurs naturally in bacteria be of benefit to bacteria?...
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